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30 Yd. Dumpster

A 30 Yd. dumpster is the size typically use on construction and demolition sites. A 30 yd. is a nice size but not that big as to make loading difficult. Our demolition customers prefer loading 30 Yd. dumpsters, because they can see into the dumpster form their machine. Because of this filling the remaining empty space is not a challenge. A 30 yd. dumpster is great for: Construction waste, Demolition Waste,         Takeoff shingles,  Remodeling projects, and Household trash. Keep in mind that we need a straight backing distance of 65 feet to unload a 30 yd. dumpster.

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Items that you can put in a dumpster
Acceptable to dispose in a 30 yd. dumpster.

Household trash, construction waste, shingles, wood, drywall, and most other non-hazardous products.

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The following items can be disposed of in our 30 yd. dumpsters, but they will incur an extra fee:

Refrigerators, washer, dryers, air-conditioners, tires (less than 15), and other similar items

These are items that can not be disposed in a dumpster.

Items that cannot be disposed of in a 40 yd. dumpster

Electronic devices(TV'S, Computers, printers, etc.), Liquid products(paint, chemicals, etc), all other Hazardous products.

Any fines incurred for the disposal of the above products in our dumpsters will be past on to the customer.